About us

The local Orgiva supermarket catering for the local and international community. This family run supermarket situated on the main road in Orgiva provides the local community with a well stocked and good variety of locally produced foods as well as all the basic supplies. Antonio the owner likes to keep his customers happy so on a weekly basis his range is ever increasing.

We can now buy naan breads, earl grey tea, ryvita, irish cheddar, Pg tips - the list goes on with no effort at all. Long gone are the days where each visitor that comes to stay has a suitcase packed full of teabags and marmite!

Supermercado Alpujarra Exterior

Supermercado Alpujarrra now provides for the large foreign presence in the town - for the people who live here on a permanent basis to the tourists who have discovered the Alpujarras. We have a vast range of foods from Northern Europe.

Supermercado Alpujarra interior